Saturday, December 24, 2005


Once in a while Mohanlal acts in a way which makes you feel, "What a talent has been wasted (and continue to get wasted) with all those super-hero junk movies over the years"...

"Thanmatra" has Lal at his best, probably his best ever! (An overstatement ;) due to the fact that there were only so very few good movies from Lal in recent years, but still this was a great show). Blessy has created a wonderful movie... subtle, no frills, with every shot driving home the message. If you thought "Kazcha" was great, then this is even better.

There is a freshness about Blessy which you cannot find in anyone else among the current crop of Malayalam directors. While Kamal was refreshing with "Perumazhakalam", "Rappakal" was dissappointing in just repeating the same old cliched villager virtues. And while TV Chandran ("Kadhavasheshan") does provide some magnificent moments they are few and far in between. Blessy has this unique talent of keeping you gripped and mesmerised throughout the entire length of his creation.

Earlier this year Big B had a similiar role in "BLACK", where although I found him okay, some of my friends had the opinion that he over acted a bit. But seeing Lal in "Tanmatra", how simple and natural he was, you know that Amitabh was way off. Only Lal could have pulled this one off, with an acting that is breathtakingly carefree. As many people say, Mohanlal lives through in such roles. What a shame, that we can't provide him with more such roles.

There were too many great shots in this one, too many to list down..., some which will remain in the mind forever. Like, "Lal trying to remember the Bhartiar poem in the loo", "removing his shirt off and asking his wife for tea forgetting that he is in office", "desperately searching for the missing file and finding it in the freezer", "Biting his hands off trying to convey a message which he doesn't know how to tell" and "that unforgettable last shot". With great performances from the suppoting cast, this movie was just superb.

Once in a while a movie like this comes along, to remind you how unpredictable life is ... and how beautiful!

Kudos Mohanlal, Kudos Blessy, Kudos Malayalam Cinema

Sunday, December 18, 2005


GULT asked,

"Why are there so many problems in life ? "