Sunday, June 18, 2006


I felt so tired after the Argentina match. So tired that I couldn't enjoy much of the Holland-Ivory game, eventhough it was a very lively one. Like you don't want to watch anything else after seeing a great movie. You just want to go home, lie down and relive what you have just seen... breathtaking, thrilling exhibition of the most beautiful game in the planet.
What is thrill?... thrill is when Esteban Cambiasso finds the top left corner after a string of two dozen precision perfect passes, thrill is when you see Lionel Messi on the touchline 170 minutes into a world-cup which is supposed to be his, thrill is when you see Diego Maradona shouting, screaming, waving in the stands.... also, thrill is when a red car comes out of the pit, put some scorching sectors and leave a hapless Kimi behind. But, is thrill when a Lara takes 200 balls for a century or a Dravid stands behind quietly waiting for a wicket to fall??... no way. Cricket will never be anywhere near Football, when it comes to the thrills,spills and ecstasy that one watches a game for.


Sreejith Kumar said...

I like the enthusiasm Maradona sports even now, seeing his followers playing and cheering for them. Most other ex-players would love to be in formals and watch without an expression! LOL